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Finish 2017 With a Bang!

Welcome to the month of October. Glorious sweater season is finally here! As the temperatures are cooling off; don't let your fitness momentum cool off too. Its the final quarter of 2017 so lets all dig our heels in deep and finish strong. Even if you've fallen off track, it's not too late for you. Remember there is no such thing as waiting for the perfect time, life happens, and it happens quickly, so live in the moment. Below are a few practical tips to keep making strides on your fitness journey:

  1. SET GOALS: I cannot stress the importance of goal setting enough. Research has shown that people who set goals are 74 % more likely to achieve it than those who don't. Effective goals are specific and challenging. Envision where you would like to be at the end of the year and set those goals that are going to motivate you and fire you into action.

  2. MINDSET: No fitness journey is without hiccups. Strive for consistency instead of perfection. So what if you had a bad day and completely went left of your fitness goals? It's not the end of the world. Acknowledge what happened; understand why it happened; make the necessary changes; and move on. DO NOT stay stuck! Personally, I have never accomplished optimal fitness by being perfect.

  3. PATIENCE: Rome wasn't built in a day likewise the masterpiece you're working on wont be completed at record time. Celebrate your wins and be kind to yourself. You may not be where you want but acknowledge how far you've come. But ultimately never forget that fitness doesn't have a destination rather its a lifestyle

  4. SUPPORT: Find people who are on a similar journey as yourself. If you're not sure where to get started contact us at The Simple Fit Life. Registration is currently open for our 6-Week Cardio X Strength Program:

Remember the body is never going to go where the mind doesn't take it!

9800 Saint Charles Rock Road,

St. Louis, MO, 63074

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