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Welcome to the month of March

March is such an exciting month, the temperatures are slowly rising and soon Spring will be here. In an effort to #make2015yourbestyearyet lets set our sights on 'FOCUS'. This is such a powerful theme because, what you focus your energy on is what you end up seeing more of and inevitably getting more of. Instead of focusing on whats not working, focus on the positives and draw on your strengths. Take time out to appreciate all the positive aspects of your life. Leave past failures behind! Have you ever observed how small and distant the view is, in your rear view mirror? What lies ahead of you is greater than what lies behind you, and whats within you is greater than both of these factors. More importantly the one that planted those dreams and desires within you is greater than any external or internal factor. Therefore, identify whats working to get you to your goals and focus your energy, awareness, and appreciation there!

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